Ways to Use Your Smartbox

  • Keep a Smartbox in your car for the unexpected. On long trips with the family, use it to keep multiple phones and tablets charged. We hear some people have even used it to run a gaming system in the car.
  • Be sure to have a Smartbox in your emergency supplies.
  • Take your camping experiences to a whole new level. Smartbox allows you to charge your phone or radio, run a TV, lights, or any other equipment that could be necessary in case of emergency. And in the age of glamping, what could be better?!

  • It's expensive to run electricity out to a basketball court, play area, or garden in your yard. With the Smartbox, there’s no need. Just plug in lights and you’re good to go. For hours. We’re currently testing lights specifically for this purpose and when we’ve found the ones we like best, we’ll be offering them for sale here on our website. For now, grab a lamp or a set of string lights and play through the night!